Arena Lifestyle Development

Executive Summary

The living of an interactive outdoor lifestyle is the dream of millions. At Outdoor Arena the opportunity given to us will make it a reality for a lucky few.









Type of Development

Outdoor Arena is a lifestyle development in Bonnievale.

Phase 1: 26 Own title plots on Erf 848 Bonnievale (Total size 1,3358) with the exclusion of Erf 2901.

Phase 2: 34 Sectional title plots with a 300 square meter footprint on Erf 2794 Bonnievale (a portion of erf 846)Size 3.1327ha.

Scope of Work

Phase 1: Phased installation of services and construction of 26 residential town house units.

Phase 2: Installation of services and construction of 34 sectional title town house units, subdivided into 5 phases.


The professional team has been appointed. A wide range of plans can be chosen from. They range from two to five bedroom town house units. All the approvals for work to begin have been granted. Phase 1 of the development is ready to begin with the installation of services. Sales contracts have been drafted and pre sales have commenced.

Locality and Security

The development is situated in Bonnievale, in the middle of the well known BAR valley. The area is well known for producing quality wines, excellent race horses and exquisite cheeses. The climate is moderate and pleasant. Security is excellent as the South African Police Services Branch of Bonnievale were commended as one of the best in South Africa. Bonnievale has become the blueprint for the national “dream” project.

The Team

Our professional team consists of energetic individuals, all specialists in their field.

The Concept

The Outdoor Arena concept evolved over an extended period of time. The idea to create a development with multiple outdoor activities was a natural consequence of the growing market for a rural, interactive outdoor lifestyle.

The architectural style decided on, complements the outdoor activities. There is a strong emphasis on individuality. No two houses are alike. Each house plan was drafted to take maximum advantage of the locality of the erf. Plants, water features and landscaping are planned in such a way as to use natural barriers to channel people’s movement to make the residential areas private.

Residents and visitors alike can enjoy watching the outdoor activities on the farm as well as participate in it. Activities are strategically situated to provide maximum exposure. Resting areas, as well as the creation of small “arenas” throughout the resort make it possible for people to watch the activities. The satisfaction of all the needs of an outdoor family is met at outdoor arena.

Not only does the outdoor arena concept add quality of life to all the participants and residents. Through the way in which it is planned it allows for senior citizens to extend their active lifestyle, due to the fact that all facilities are very accessible and controlled by knowledgeable staff in a safe environment.

Current Infrastructure

A restaurant, conference centre/function venue, stables, paddocks, fishing cottages, angling dams, mashie golf course and sports pub have been constructed.

Activities and Services

Our Arabian stud and training centre forms an integral part of the activities at Outdoor Arena. Other activities are angling, golf, bird watching and horse riding.

Community Development

Outdoor Arena is playing the leading role in several projects. These projects form part of the Bonnievale Dream project.

We are proud to be the hosts of the Bonnievale festival, which is a community fund raiser.


The lifestyle, locality, beauty and cost of living will play a huge role in the marketability of this development. There is no other similar development in the area that can offer the same added value and experience..


The cost of land, scoping study and professional team was self funded up to this point. Sales have commenced.


For information regarding the Arena Life Style Development please contact